Practicum and Internship

NOTE: All students begin their clinical experience during their first semester in the program. In order to begin your Practicum/Internship, you must meet the following prerequisites: Admission to the program, permission from the Instructor, and placement with a faculty sponsored or University approved site.

Step 1: Applying for & Selecting a Site

  • Fill out the Application for Practicum/Internship (found in the Practicum & Internship Manual) and turn in to the Program Coordinator the semester before you plan to begin your practicum/internship.
  • Schedule a meeting with the Program Coordinator to discuss your area of interest and identify possible sites for placement.

Step 2: Interview with site

Once the Program Coordinator has contacted the site(s) that you are interested in, you should arrange an interview with the Site Supervisor.

Step 3: Notify Program Coordinator of Outcome

Once the student has interviewed with the selected site's supervisor, the Program Coordinator should be

notified of the outcome of the interview.

Step 4: Obtain Student Liability Insurance

Obtain student liability insurance and provide a copy to the Program Coordinator during the first week of the semester (can be obtained through APA, ACA or HPSO).

To use HPSO, apply online at

Step 5: Register for Practicum

You will be registered for practicum and internship classes.


Forms and any additional instructions for practicum and internship are available in the Practicum & Internship Manual.