Graduation Information

Graduation Procedures and Guidelines

  1. Eligibility. To be eligible for the Master's of Science in Psychology, Counseling Psychology Specialization, the student must meet the following:
    • Satisfactory completion of all required courses in the curriculum (60 credit hours)
    • Complete either a Master's Thesis or Qualifying Paper
    • You must be registered for a course with the university (this is a university policy and there are no exceptions!)
  2. Application for Graduation
    • The student must apply online through the academic link on PantherSoft. Make sure you apply for the correct Academic Program (Arts, Sciences & Education Master’s) and Major/Academic Plan (Psychology). Application for graduation must be completed by the deadline during the beginning of the final semester of studies. Students who do not graduate during that semester must re-apply for Graduation for the semester in which they plan to graduate.
    • Complete the Graduation Checklist and the Alumni Data Form found in the Student Handbook.
    • Schedule a Certification for Graduation Meeting with the Program Coordinator, by the deadline during the semester you are planning to graduate. The following documents must be completed and brought with you to the meeting.
      • Copy of unofficial transcript
      • Completed Graduation Checklist
      • Completed Alumni Data For
  3. Graduation Activities. Students who will graduate at the end of a major semester (Fall or Spring) are invited to participate in University and College graduation activities.


For commencement information, including the commencement guide please go to the University's Commencement Website.