Clinical Training

The Master's in Professional Counseling Psychology program prepares students to "practice mental health counseling" in a variety of community, research and clinical settings, in both the private and public sector. Opportunities to specialize in a particular clinical problem or population are given to students through the clinical training experience and the development of a Qualifying Paper. The program curriculum consists of 60 credits hours of graduate study that includes 1) 45 hours of Coursework, 2) 1000 hours of Clinical Training, and 3) 15 Area of Specialization credits. For more information about these three areas please review the Student Handbook.

According to Florida State Law, the “practice of mental health counseling” is defined as the use of scientific and applied behavioral science theories, methods, and techniques for the purpose of describing, preventing, and treating undesired behavior and enhancing mental health and human development. Toward this end, the Counseling Psychology program provides a diverse, yet rigorous clinical training experience. The clinical training allows students the opportunity to work in a clinical setting where they are able to participate in supervised clinical experiences that are necessary to fulfill the 1000 hours of pre-master’s experience.

The 1,000 hours of Supervised Clinical Experience is made up of two parts:

  1. Clinical Practicum is defined as 400 clock hours of supervised clinical experience.
  2. Clinical Internship is defined as 600 clock hours of supervised clinical experience.