Academic Program

Professional Counseling Psychology Master's Program

The Professional Counseling Psychology Master's Program at Florida International University consists of 60 credit hours of graduate study that lead to a Masters of Science in Psychology (M.S. in Psychology) and a license to practice as a Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). The Program is designed to train practitioners and researchers who can function in a variety of mental health settings in both the private and public sector.

The core curriculum consists of 45 credit hours of Coursework and is intended to prepare students for advanced study in psychology with a focus on developing applied counseling and therapeutic skills for working in multicultural environments with populations that range across the life span from childhood to later adulthood. It

Students are given the opportunity to work in both on-campus and community based settings to gain hands-on supervised 1000 hours of Clinical Training. Students further develop an area of specialization in the field of counseling psychology to acquire expertise with particular problems and populations, through independent study and research with individual faculty members. Students are trained to utilize various methods in examining and implementing evidence based treatments in Counseling Psychology and psychotherapy that have a significant impact on maladaptive and adaptive functioning with populations that range across the life span within multi cultural environments. For more information about the program, please review the Counseling Psychology Master's Program Student Handbook.

The program is offered in a two-year, lock-step program with a dynamic schedule of hybrid courses (courses meet on-campus and online). This program format offers students a unique opportunity to complete the entire program in a faster, more convenient manner.

With our new program model, our students will enjoy many unique benefits. Along with a convenient scheduling of classes, students will also have the opportunity to gain hands-on clinical experience in select practicum and internship sites, study and learn with a diverse and highly select group of peers, and Interact and learn from top-notch faculty and professionals from our local community. Our students will also enjoy many personal support services that are included in the additional course fees such as, hassle-free registration, on-site food and beverage service, and ongoing personalized support and advisement.

Please note that this program runs at a higher cost than other University graduate programs.

Note: State Requirement Changes

Note that State requirements undergo annual review and change. Therefore, it is the responsibility of applicants to ensure that they meet the requirements current at the time they apply for licensure. For information concerning the most recent requirements for all licensed professions (including the MHC license), please visit the Florida State requirements website.

The program is not open to international students in need of a student (F-1) or Exchange Visitor (J-1) visa. If you require a student or exchange visitor visa, please do not apply.