General Information

Research Facilities

Students in the program have access to a wide range of research facilities and resources including: Academic computer facilities, two libraries, modern laboratory facilities, affiliation with faculty members in other academic departments and research centers at FIU as well as other local universities, and affiliations with local businesses, government agencies, and social service organizations.

Financial Assistance

It is possible for student to obtain financial assistance from research assistantships supported via faculty research grants. Openings will be made known each semester. Students are encouraged to apply.


Residential housing in the form of apartment-style dormitories are available on campus. In addition, both campuses are located in residential areas.

The University Community

Florida International University (FIU), a member of the State University System of Florida, with has an enrollment in excess of 30,000. The University offers courses on two campuses, and the Psychology Department has offices and laboratories on both campuses. The Department currently has 26 full-time members and is one of the largest departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. The Department's goal has been and continues to be one of providing to students the highest quality education possible. At present there are 9 faculty members in the Mental Health Counselor Program.

Florida International University is located in a multicultural urban region where international and urban problems intersect with traditional with traditional psychological issues. Miami is currently an urban center of international trade, communication, and finance that stands at the crossroads for North, Central, and South America and provides a large-scale field laboratory for the study of basic and applied psychological problems and issues.